Pushups and stomach crunches

In other exercise-related news, I’ve managed to work my way up to 30 pushups and 60 stomach crunches daily. I’m sure I mentioned this before so don’t act all surprised.

I started off almost exactly one month ago with this daily regimen, on 7 June 2004. On that day I recorded 15 of each, and I remember that the 15 pushups were difficult for me. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to increase my pushups so much in that much time. The stomach crunches are another story; yeah, I can do a lot of them, but I still don’t have washboard abs. Realistically, I probably never will. If the muscles are getting toned and in shape, they’re still under a lot of loose skin, left over from my losing so much fat around my middle.

Kinda icky; when I do my pushups, if I look down underneath myself I can see the loose skin hanging down from my midsection. Bleh. It’s both a badge of honor and a source of revulsion to me. Yay, I lost weight. Bleh, I’m not perfect ‘n’ stuff.