Mt. Tabor Challenge 5K

Ran the Mt. Tabor Challenge today. The course was tough but not as tough as I thought it would be. Mostly downhill (which isn’t easier, for those of you who aren’t runners).

Caleb and I stayed together for about the first half of the race. When we passed the 1-mile marker, Caleb checked his (brand-new Nike) watch and said we’d done that in 7:20, which surprised the hell out of me. That was all downhill, so I was running faster than I should have, even though I’d been purposely trying to hold back.

I finished about the same today as I did in the Lake Run, around 29 minutes. The clock just turned 29:00 as I approached the gates.

Team Saponifed 6/19/2004
From left: Caleb, Jake, Brian (the author)

Jake ran it in 20:23 and probably finished first or second in his age group. Caleb ran it in around 27:00, two minutes faster than me. The nice thing about being the slowest person among my friends is that they’re at the finish line, waiting for me and cheering me on!