My groove is thoroughly harshed

Qwest still has not ported my landline number to my cell phone. I have lots of details but no time to divulge them in the rant-y manner in which they so completely deserve.

I’ve been dealing with Devin (Qwest employee #8220, direct phone number 602-665-4765). Well, if you call me leaving voice mails for him for the past half-week and not geting a fucking phone call back “dealing with”.

Oops, did I just post his phone number? Damn, now he’s on the IntarWeb.

NOTE: Please do not call the number I just posted above. Devin is a busy man and I’m sure that he’s hard at work resolving my issue, and I’m sure he doesn’t need any distractions from the fine job he’s doing for Qwest. I only posted it so that I would have reference to it when I need to call him.

One final question: How in the hucking fell does a company get away with such obvious disrespect for their customers?