Memories, old and new

I’m still uploading pictures to my Picture Gallery. I guess the next step is to modify the CSS to make it match the rest of my site. That will be fun. I’m in no hurry, though; the current layout doesn’t suck too much. Update: My pictures can be found at Flickr under my username “lunarobverse”. – 7 May 2009 BAM

It’s fun going through all my old pictures. Lotta old memories there. Call me self-absorbed, but it’s funny seeing how I looked a year or two ago, while my friends haven’t changed much at all.

I’m going to start listing my races and times on another page. I may include my weight, too. I’ll call it my “Trophy Page”.

This coming week I’m going to step up my mileage and add hills again. Monday and Tuesday I’m going to run the Waterfront; probably after work. I’m going to run one lap on one day, then two laps on the other day. Can’t say for sure which day will be the long one because I’m waiting to hear back from a friend on which day he wants to join me. Wednesday I plan on going to the gym for a workout but no running, then Thursday I’m going to tackle Terwilliger Blvd. again. Friday will be a rest day, then Saturday I’ll have a nice morning run and I’ll try to fit in a workout, too. Sunday, of course, another rest day.

Whoo-HOOO! Next week I get 2800 calories per day! I had to work at eating 2600 calories today, mostly because I was so distracted cleaning my apartment and working on my website. I think I’m still several hundred short for the day. But that’s OK. I feel full…

And my apartment hasn’t been this clean in a long time… it’s good to kick out the clutter once in a while.