Getting ready

I’m packed and ready for my trip. Some of the odds and ends that I’m bringing:

  • Sunscreen (I “tan” like an Englishman (in other words, I don’t)
  • My Maglight
  • Two Cuban cigars (Cohiba longs)
  • Running clothes and shoes
  • A Sharpie (for autographs — Coachella is supposed to have a high celebrity count)

…I don’t know, I can’t think of anything else to bring. I’m bringing one long-sleeved technical shirt, and one pair of jeans, just in case. But I expect it to be warm and dry the entire time. I could be wrong, I suppose…

What might also be interesting is what I’m not taking: my iBook. You have no idea how this tears at my soul, not bringing it. It totally sucks, having a portable computer and yet not bringing it on this trip… aargh. But it would suck more having it stolen.

I am, of course, bringing the iPod. But, as I said a week ago, I am not letting it out of my sight. Sight, hell — it’s not going to be off my physical person the entire trip.

The plan for tomorrow: Be well-rested. I work from 7 AM to Noon, go pick up the rental car, go home and get my stuff, get some lunch, pick up a few last-minute items, and pick my friend up from school around 3 PM, then head south.

It’s about a 17-hour drive, which puts us pulling into Indio, California around 8 AM Saturday. Hang on, let me check the website….

Roly-poly fuck! They posted the set times, and Radiohead is playing at 9 AM on Saturday! Looks like I won’t be able to catch a nap between arrival and the first show! I am not going to miss Radiohead, and, more importantly, I want to enjoy listening to Radiohead, so… man. I hope being in better shape is going to make up for being old.