People watching

I should write something today. But I don’t know what.

I’m sitting in Starbucks, at Pioneer Courthouse Square (of course), people-watching. In fact, hang on…

…OK, now I’m facing in a better direction for people-watching. There’s a band playing down in the Square. According to Citysearch, the band is sponsored by Multnomah Bible College, although the music doesn’t seem to be specifically Christian; the last song they did was a note-perfect cover of The Police’s “Message In A Bottle”.

There are two Japanese girls at a table next to me, conversing in their native language. If Jake was here I’m sure he’d say something to them. They appear to be studying; textbooks open in front of them. One of them has a little PDA/calculator/device open, and it’s covered in stickers of other Japanese faces.

There’s a blonde-haired guy with another iBook; he’s here as much as I am, it seems. He almost always has the chair next to the power outlet (there’s only one here at Starbucks’ so the tables next to it are very popular.

I had lunch at Wendy’s today. A Double with Cheese (no mayo) is 640 calories. It was delicious. I held myself back from ordering fries, even though I had the calories to spare; I want to have a decent-sized dinner tonight. All I had for breakfast was two Cliff Bars (250 calories each) so I’ve still got over 800 for the day.