Bridge to Bridge 5K Recap

Whoo-hoo! I finished today’s race at least 5 minutes faster than the Shamrock Run! A friend saw my time as I crossed and tells me it was 30:33 or thereabouts. Which means I ran a sub-10-minute pace!

As I was crossing the finish line, I saw the clock for the 10K race, thinking that was my time, and I was so disappointed because it showed over 40 minutes. I thought that I had done significantly worse. Good thing my friends were there to correct me 🙂

Here’s a pic of Team Saponified for the Bridge to Bridge 5K 2004:

From left to right, that’s myself, Jake Edge, and Caleb Phillips. Full image is in the Picture Gallery gone. 1

1 Sadly, this picture was lost in the mists of time. I am unable to update or replace this. Always back your shit up.