Not qualified or suited for the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials, part 5

Sadly, the tale of the little shipment that went to Deutschland has nearly come to a close.

The tracking information page shows that it actually made it to Portland today, in time to be delivered. I wasn’t in the office when it was here, but the receptionist, having been briefed by me, refused the shipment and it is now on it’s way back to its point of origin.

Once it’s there, the major online retailer will issue me a credit, and the story will draw to a close. They have not responded to the email I sent them yesterday, and now there seems to be no point to their responding at all. But it would have been great if they had at least acknowledged that there had been a major screw-up. If I was pushier and had more time, I’d harrangue them for a credit over and above what they owed me; after all, it wasn’t just an inconvenience to me, it caused problems for my client (and actually cost me money, since I could have charged her my hourly fee for installing Windows 2000).

I dunno. I’m going to wait and make sure that I actually get my credit. Story’s close to finished, but not quite done.

It’s apparent, though, that I will never know exactly what happened. I’m dying of curiosity.