Not qualified or suited for the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials, part 4

I replied to the major online retailer with whom I am engaged concerning a shipment gone terribly, terribly awry:

I emailed your company today regarding this order, and pointing out that, even though the package originated in the US, and was to be shipped to a US address, it has somehow ended up in Germany.

I am not making this up.

Here is the UPS tracking number so that you can confirm for yourself:


Your company’s response to this was to ask me to refuse the shipment when it arrives.

I have several problems with this. First, since the package has gone on a European vacation, I have no idea if and when it will arrive. Let me repeat that: I have absolutely no assurances that the package (for which I paid for 2nd day air shipping) will return to the country of origin.

Second, since your company will not refund me the purchase price of this order until YOU receive it back, that means that I am out the approximately $260.00 that I paid for the software and the assurance from your company that I would receive it two business days after ordering it. Again, the time this will take is uncertain. I am not pleased by this.

At first, I was willing to give your company the benefit of the doubt. However, your dismissive response has angered me, and now I expect that this matter has gone beyond a simple matter of a return.

I expect a more personal response to this extraordinary matter. I await your correspondence.

Brian Moon

I can’t wait for the response to this.