Not qualified or suited for the commercial enterprise of moving goods and materials, part 3

Update on the shipment that’s taking the long way:

The major online retailer (or, more correctly, their Customer Service) has emailed me back, telling me to refuse the shipment. That, they say, is “the easiest way to return the shipment without having to arrange for it to be shipped back”.

Couple of problems here. First, the shipment is still in frickin’ Germany and stalled at some point. There’s no telling when it will get its passport cleared or whatever and make the long trek back to the States. Heck, for all I know, it’s getting plastered on shot after of shot of schnapps, or, mythical-supreme-being forbid, Jagermeister in some sleazy dive bar, instead of waiting patiently while UPS uniformed mechanics work feverishly ’round the clock to repair the “mechanical failure” that’s preventing the cargo plane from lumbering down the runway and back Stateside.

It would be so easy at this point to blame terrorists. Imagine that? A cargo plane being hijacked by German separatists or something? Nah, there’s really no way to tie politics into this little story at all. My life may be cool, but it’s not that cool.

Where was I..? Oh, right. Second, while clicking around the website of the major online retailer, I managed to click a link that made the major online retailer that I wanted to return the package. Oopsie. So, today, a UPS driver arrived to pick up the package. Yeah, that one: the package that hasn’t arrived yet. And, of course, I wasn’t there, so the receptionist was confused and almost gave the UPS driver yet another package I’m sending back (this one a GPS unit I’d bought on eBay that didn’t work), which would have caused even more confusion. Luckily, I managed to dodge a bullet on that one, and the UPS driver didn’t pick up the wrong package.

But it looks like UPS is going to be back tomorrow, to pick up the package that hasn’t arrived yet.

And, meanwhile, FedEx hasn’t picked up the second package.

My life? Shipment hell. Thankyouverymuch.