The universe must be trying to tell me something.

Two days ago I met a friend for coffee, and after she ordered, I ordered a small (12 oz) soy chai tea. Well, the barrista there is cute, so I flirted with her, and when she made my drink, she gave me a medium instead, without offering an explanation beyond a wink.

I really was only counting on the calories from the small, but, since Mrs. Moon didn’t raise an impolite son, I accepted with a “thank you” and drank it. It was gooooood.

Well, this morning, I was at yet another coffee shop (Portland is the center of the microbrew beer and coffee shop craze, nevermind what Seattle says), and once again ordered my usual small soy chai. The girl behind the counter is also cute, so I flirted with her, too, and sure enough, when I went around to the bar to pick up my drink, I’d gotten a medium.

I think the lesson here is that flirting is bad for my diet.