I am currently wearing size 34 inch waist 501s!

When I started this diet back in November I wore a 38 inch waist. And it was getting snug. At the time I thought that it would be nice to get down to a 36 inch waist, a comfortable 36 inches, where my gut wouldn’t hang over my belt and I cut my circulation off when I sat down.

Little did I realize just how much I could lose on this diet. In the store today, I actually tried on a 33 inch waist pair of jeans, just to see how they fit, and they were a bit snug but still do-able. In the mirror, I could almost see my future…

I’m still a bit amazed. I was so impressed that I bought two pairs of pants when I only intended to buy one. And in a month or two these pants will be baggy.

I’m wearing size medium shirts, and 34 inch waist pants. I’m the incredible shrinking man. Here’s hoping I don’t have to fight a spider with a sewing needle.

Consider my mind boggled.