I did it!

I finished the race. I have no idea what my time was; things got confusing at the end. Right before the end, I went past a guy with a stopwatch who was calling out the time, and he said something like 33 minutes or so, but then we got to the finish gates and we all slowed to a crawl. OK, we slowed to a walk, but still, it felt like a crawl. I wanted to finish, dammit!

Most important, however, I finished right behind the guy dressed as a pint of Guinness. My friend, who had been passed (on a hill, no less) by the beer guy last year, managed to finish before the beer this year. His personal best!

Sadly, I didn’t get many pictures. My friends girlfriend was going to be the photographer, but sometime last week she decided she was going to run instead of spectate, so, no pictures. Oh, well.