Exercise / Diet Update

Exercise / Diet update:

Diet-wise, not bad, but not good. I’m keeping with the Atkins plan… except for the candy I sneak in (I had at least three small pieces of chocolate today, and a cookie. Mmm… cookie.) Not to mention the soy latte I had (although, honestly, that’s only 10 grams of carbs.)

Also, I had carbs, evil, empty carbs, with each meal: breakfast included an English muffin, lunch and dinner both included tortillas, although dinner was a spinach tortilla (green veggies, good; flour, bad.) So, out of a ten possible points, ten being a perfect, less-than-20-grams-of-carbs Atkins-y day, I give myself a 4.5. OK, maybe a 5.

Exercise-wise, though, I did very good today. I started the day with my usual .5 mile walk to the bus stop, and went in early and ran on the elliptical trainer for a full 34 minutes (last four minutes were a cool-down.) I mostly took the stairs in the Mead building today, and then tonight, when I had to go to the union hall and vote, I took the bus from home to about 17th and Powell, then walked up to 26th and Powell, voted, and then walked all the way home — a total of about 3.4 miles, in about an hour, which Prevent Disease tells me burned an extra 366 calories, hopefully making up for the soy latte and the candy and cookies I ate today.

I know I feel better having walked all that way. Kinda nice to be alone in my head, too. Relaxing.