Not much to say this morning. I wrung myself out with yesterday’s post I think.

Spent last night with two fabulous dames, Tracy and Gina. Dinner at The Delta, which was terribly crowded and we had to wait an hour to be seated, in spite of our trying to sneak in the back and steal a table (what? We didn’t know!). We gorged on flank steak and corn bread and red beans and rice and hush puppies.

Oh, and booze. Did I forget the booze? Had my first vodka mojito of the year, and, well, really, ever, and it was good enough to prompt me to buy the second vodka mojito of the year, and, well, really, ever. I’ll probably stop counting them after this.

Then a quiet cup of coffee at my favorite local coffee shop, and then home.

Lots of conversation in-between, though. Private conversation.

Today looks to be a shopping and cooking day. I may have to find a reason to ride MAX this afternoon, though, since it’s Global No Pants Subway Ride Day.

I may or may not post something else later.