Give it away

From today’s “Since You Asked” letter, by Cary mother-fuckin’ Tennis, he writes to a girl who is tired of dating and ready for something more long-term:

Give away what you have been withholding and withhold what you’ve been giving away. That doesn’t mean follow “The Rules.” It means get real. Tell him you want a man to fall in love with and stay with, and if that’s a problem for him then OK there are plenty of chicks. Plenty. Next. Not to be crass. But you have to come from a place of complete honesty and vulnerability and pain. Because if you want a lifetime relationship that is what it will be full of: honesty and vulnerability and pain.

Man, I am so ready. He may be writing for a woman, but the general advice still holds true.

I want to figure out what I’m holding back, and what I’m giving away, and reverse it. I’m ready to be honest and vulnerable and hurt and yet still with someone I love.

Bring it, world.