All I needed to know

Barrack Obama gives a good speech. He spoke passionately about all the good things he’d do once he’s President.

But not one word about the most important issue in America right now.

Not one word about what he can do, right now, to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not one word about accountability for the men who lied us into a war.

Not one word from a leading voice of the majority party in both houses of the People’s Congress.

Apparently Congress is powerless these days. The message from the junior Senator from Illinois is that we need a good king, not the bad king we have now.

Yes, a good king would be nice. But what about all those “checks and balances” that the founding fathers put into the Constitution? I’d really like to hear more about those. That’s not Senator Obama’s message tonight.

And that’s all I needed to hear. I’m glad I went tonight.

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