Whole Wide World

Don’t ever let anyone tell you dieting and exercise “don’t work”. When you stick with them, they work wonders.

I used to be big. That picture was taken in 1998. I was wearing 40″ waist pants at the time (in that picture, even – I hadn’t planned well that day, I was on vacation in Mexico, and I wore regular walking shorts to that aquarium, instead of swim shorts). Within just a couple of years after that, I was wearing 42″ waist pants – snug 42″ pants.

Dig back into the archives for the most recent dieting and exercise updates, but, long story short, today I did some clothes shopping and I came home with a pair of pants with a 33″ waist.

I haven’t worn pants that small since… well… probably since I was twelve! And I’ve got a bit more to lose…