“Snakes On A Plane” review (spoiler free)

It’s good to see that Dr. Forrester is still tormenting Joel and the ‘bots, trapped on the Satellite of Love.

…oh, and Mike, too. Or, I mean, Mike instead of Joel. If that’s your thing.

I’m more partial to Joel, myself, though Mike grew on me. Not literally, dork. That’d be gross.

Where was I? Oh, right.

Y’see… there’s some snakes… on a plane… And it’s exactly what you expect. There are no hidden tricks here, and there’s only the flimsiest bit of exposition to sit through.

Snakes attack people, people attack snakes, and it all starts right away and it all pretty much happens on a plane.

It doesn’t take itself seriously, and yet, it’s the most awesomest movie of all time.

Even the nitpicks I have about it only serve to make it more perfect, much like thorns make a rose smell that much better. Or something.