Even though I haven’t actually posted about it yet, I have, in fact, used Boot Camp to install Windows XP on my new sexy thing. It had it’s scary moments, not the least of which being the fact that I was installing Windows XP on my Macintosh, but mainly related to the fact that this is beta software and drivers. But once it was on there, it seemed to work OK. I installed a couple of games and they ran pretty smoothly (I’ll finish up the longer report and post it… um… soon).

I haven’t run it a lot this week because I’ve been working on my site re-design, and everyone is right – rebooting is a pain in the ass. I keep thinking I’ll get around to playing those games soon…

But now, via The Unofficial Apple Weblog, I’m reading a discussion thread about a bunch of people who are stuck in Windows XP! They’ve booted in, and they can’t boot out again. I haven’t read the whole thing (there’s 117 replies to go through) but mostly it’s a sad sad tale of doom and woe.

Maybe I’ll get rid of that partition… until the beta software is a little less beta