Smacky was being pretty goofy yesterday morning. He made me laugh several times. I got some good pictures (but I’m saving those for next weeks’ Friday Night Cat Blogging).

But I do have one story. Smacky was watching the birds outside, standing up in front of my screen door (like this) and I was standing about 10 feet back with a toy catnip mouse. I thought it’d be funny to toss it at him and see if he reacted.

The mouse hit the screen just above his head and apparently he wasn’t expecting it at all because he startled and ran around the living room like a devil robotic terminator cat was after him.

Too funny. I didn’t mean to startle him. I thought cats were more perceptive than that.

He was doing a pretty good job of jumping all over the place chashing bugs, however. I had to pick up my CDs from the CD rack only twice. But now they’re all alphabetized by artist. Again.