I wasn’t feeling very adventurous for lunch today. Just thought I’d get a sandwich, no big deal.

Went down to Big Town Hero, a local chain. On the way there, I rolled around the different sandwiches I’ve had there, trying them out mentally to see which one sounded good. With the holidays almost past, I thought that their “Very Berry” turkey might hit the spot. Cranberry sauce and turkey. Only thing missing would be some dressing…

So I went, and ordered my sandwich… and after I’d put in the order, I saw a little standee on the counter announcing their “Panini” grilled sandwiches. Including a grilled Reuben… damn. Pastrami, swiss cheese, sauerkraut… Mmmmmm (am I supposed to capitalize the “s” in “swiss cheese?) I came –> <– this close to changing my order.

Anyone have any experience with the BTH grilled sandwiches?

And what’s up with all the sub shops playing catch-up with Quiznos, anyway? Do they all have to offer toasted/grilled/heated-up-in-some-way sandwiches now? Is that what the sandwich-buying public is demanding nowadays?