Tonight was “hill repeats” — the plan was to run about a mile to warm up. The mile ended at Sellwood Park, where there’s a trail leading through the park and it’s uphill. It’s a medium slope. I have no idea what the grade is, but it’s “Baby Bear” — not too hot, not too cold. Just right. From where I start to the top of the hill is around 300-400 meters, as near as I can tell. So I was going to run up to the top of the hill, then jog back down… four times total.

I only timed my runs to the top. My times were: 3:16, 3:21, 3:15, 2:57. Yay! From worst to best I improved by 24 seconds!

If I take my best time, and assume it was about 300 meters, that puts my pace at… let’s see… carry the one… Yikes! 15:49!! I have to have been moving faster than that. 400 meters makes it 11:52, 500 meters makes it 9:29. It felt more like a 9:29 pace, to be honest.

But pace isn’t important. Strengthening my legs and improving my speed is what’s important. So I’ll just focus on best time. Yay, me!

I haven’t added this to my running log yet because I’m going to change how I record Speed Week! and right now there’s

  • a total eclipse to look at,
  • World Series Game 4 to watch,
  • friends to chat with,
  • and food to eat (’cause I’m starving!)