Absurdly interesting

Oh, man, it’s all catching up with me this week. Yeah, I have IntarWeb again at home. Get this: the Comcast guy decided that the problem was my wireless access point, because it was sitting right next to my unshielded cable modem. This proclamation was issued within seconds of entering my computer room, which pissed me off (OK, I’d had a couple of beers at that point, celebrating my race and waiting for the fucking cable guy) because shouldn’t he be doing some fucking testing or something first? I mean, if you’re going to decide what the problem is before you do your testing, then is it a surprise when you determine that what you previously decided is the problem, turns out to actually be the problem?

Doesn’t anyone realize this? Diagnose, then decide. If you’re going to do it the other way around, then why bother with the diagnosis? I mean, you might as well be practicing astrology or bending spoons or talking to the dead at that point. Fucking psuedoscience. Arrrgh.

None of this rant is diminished in intensity or duration even one jot or tittle by the fact that the cable guy was right, dammit. See, I’ve got a commercial-grade 802.11b wireless access point, putting out 200mW of InterWeb lovin’, plus I have a +5.5dbi gain antenna on it, so, yeah, it’s remotely possible that it could be interfering with the crappy little RCA cable modem I have. I moved it to the other side of the room and it still causes interference. Hell, it should, I get full signal when I’m with my laptop outside in the back of my apartment… I’m probably putting out enough signal to force an evolutionary change in the rats living in the abandoned garage next door. Say, maybe they’ll worship me as their god..? Whoa. I had a Stephen-King-esque moment there.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be updating more often now, because I won’t have to sneak out in the middle of the night and steal someone else’s wireless InterWeb to post or check my email. I’ll have it all at home, 24/7, whenever I want.

And, boy, do I have a lot to post… Life, as they say (OK, I say), is absurdly interesting right now.