Running schedule – pre-first-Shamrock 5K

Next week’s running schedule, courtesy of my friend the “coach”:

Monday – Run around your house where it feels good. Do a run of 40 minutes, with 3 x 400m of the pick ups. *Should be a hard effort. Really try and push the pick-ups, they are what will help you in the race…TREMENDOUSLY!!!

Tuesday- Do lower body weight workout. Like squats, leg curls, calf raises, etc. AFTER weight workout, Do 30 minutes on the bike at medium effort.

Wednesday- OFF you need the rest. Make sure and drink lots of fluids and make sure you eat a good amount of protein.

Thursday- Run Terwilliger *Goal is to go up hill 2.5 miles/down hill 2.5 Miles.

Friday- Do a 45 EASY jog, with 4 x 200m pick ups mixed in as you see fit. This should be similar to what it will be like race day!!!!!! (If you would like a race “plan” make sure and let me know how this day’s workout was. Where were the hard parts? What felt easy? What felt good?)

Saturday- Today it is NECESSARY to get a SMALL amount of exercise in. You want to do a warm-up routine very similar to what you plan to do before the race tomorrow. Again, this helps with pre-race anxiety, and avoiding OVER-warming up because you are nervous. I have done that, and it makes the race rough. Make sure and drink lots of fluids.

Sunday- RACE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!