They moved Heaven!

Heaven is a coffee shop with a lot of memories for me (good and bad). It used to be located on SW 10th, between Stark and Washington streets. They’re moving into a new location at SW 12th and Jefferson — right across the street from the Jefferson Theater (a porno house). The owner says it’s a better location for them, closer to their customer base (near PSU). It’s about three times as big.

They’re still setting up, in fact. I’m sitting in chaos; people are painting, building, eating pizza (important part of setting up a business). They’re going to have a stage area, and a lounge with a pool table, and more of a deli to serve food… it’s going to be great. Michael, the owner, told me he almost shut down because of the old location. They were breaking even, mostly, and not bringing in new customers. He hopes they’ll get more walk-in traffic here.

I wish them luck. Maybe they’ll leave behind my bad memories and I’ll only have the good ones left.