Privacy Policy

Since I will have regular comment threads, and because I will be allowing folks to subscribe to posts via email through MailPoet, I need to spell out my privacy policy.

  • All email notifications from this blog are strictly opt-in. I will never email someone who did not request it. I will never add you to a mail list without your permission. I even asked my friends if I could use their email addresses to test things out. 
  • I will absolutely never, ever, voluntarily sell or share your email address or name with a third party, with the exception of MailPoet (see below.)
  • Since I’m using a third party to run the email list, here is a link to MailPoet’s privacy policy.
    • In short: the plug-in does not collect any data at all, and I have opted-out of sending them anonymized data. 
    • MailPoet does not see or save any of the information you provide to me for purposes of sending new post notifications.
  • In the event of a data breach here or via MailPoet, I will notify you as soon as I am aware of it.