Pints to Pasta 10K Unofficial Results

Team Saponified was represented by one member today. I ran the Pints to Pasta 10K this morning. I ran it strong; only stopped twice for the water stations. My unofficial time, thanks to my trusty Timex Expedition, was 59:59.49, or a 9:39.481 pace (give or take a few). Which is almost exactly what my pace was in the Run Hit Wonder 10K a month and a half ago, at least my “chip time” — it’s 2:40 faster than my gun time in that race. Damn. For some reason I thought I did better.

Still, it felt good. Lots of downhills, which probably helped quite a bit. Started in north Portland, along the bluff on Willamette Avenue, ran down the hill to N. Interstate, then across the Steel Bridge, along Waterfront Park, and then finished at the Old Spaghetti Factory off of Macadam. There were a lot of people. I noticed a bunch of people with black Adidas dri-fit overshirts, emblazoned with the Pints-to-Pasta logo and asked about them; those were the race shirts from last year. This year they just gave out regular cotton t-shirts. Oh, well, at least I got soup, two beers, and a coupon for dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Oh, and a coupon for a free Cinnabon which will be my reward later today. Mmmmm…

Not bad for my second-ever 10K.

It was kinda fun to look around at all these people and think, “I’ve got something in common with all of them.” Struck up a few conversations, although for some reason it’s difficult for me to come out of my shell lately.

Pints to Pasta 10K

I’m running in the Pints to Pasta 10K tomorrow morning. I have to be down at the Old Spaghetti Factory off of Macadam Blvd. around 7:00 AM, pick up my packet, then catch a shuttle bus to the start of the race in North Portland. It’s going to be fun. It’s my second-ever 10K (the Run Hit Wonder on August 1st being my first), and I’ve been taking it easy on the running since that last race. I was going to run in Tillamook a couple of weeks ago but ended up in a car accident instead. Oh, no one was hurt, but it still put the kibosh on the drive to the coast.

I’m not sure what to expect for this race but I’m going to do my best. I should be going to bed soon, but I have to go pick up a FlexCar to use tomorrow. Bummer, huh?

I’ll get a t-shirt, two free beers, some soup, and a dinner coupon for the Old Spaghetti Factory, plus live music and the accomplishment of running a freakin’ six-plus miles. Yay, me. I’m going to be using my new Nike Air Structure Triax 8’s in the race. Oh… maybe not. Maybe I should stick with my trusty Brooks Addiction GTS 5s… yeah, running a race in brand-new shoes is probably a Bad Idea.

I’ll post any pictures and my impressions of the run tomorrow afternoon.

Run to work morning

Ran to work this morning. 5.05 miles, 47:56.47 total time, therefore a 9:29 pace. Arrgh, can’t seem to achieve a 9:00 or better pace for the longer distances. I was doing close to a 9:00 pace for the first couple of miles but had to pull back a bit.

My hamstrings are tight; especially my right one. I used to be able to touch my toes pretty easily but lately not so much. I need to focus on stretching more, maybe during like Deb does. Stop at the halfway point and stretch out. At any rate, that might be part of the problem.

I think I’ll call Jessica and schedule another massage for the week after the Tillamook run. That might help, too.

Running & Diet update

Ran up Terwilliger Blvd. yesterday morning. Do I need to post the details? I’ve written about it before. About 5 miles round trip, Dunniway Park up to the Charthouse restaurant and back down again. Ran with a friend, kept a pretty easy pace, legs felt tired and a little sore but overall it was a good tired. Oh, my hamstrings (especially my right one, the leg that’s a little longer than the other) were tight and hard to stretch out. I’ll focus on stretching them better before and after my next run, which will be tomorrow morning to work, another approximately 5 mile run.

Diet-wise, as of last night I’m about 100 calories over for the week starting Monday. I went over yesterday by 150 or so, but that’s OK because my energy output was higher yesterday due to the run. I have noticed a slight downward trend, already, in the running average of my weight, so it’s having an effect. Yay, me.

Exercise / Diet update

My weight has snuck up over my pre-determined upper limit (limit was 175; my average weight over the past week has been 178.5) so I’ve put myself back on maintainence. That means I’m limiting myself to around 2500 calories for a month. Only exception will be race days. Any day I race I don’t keep track of calories.

Last night, my first full day on the new restricted diet, I had exactly 2500 calories. Funny how that worked out, especially considering I had been starving all day long! OK, not really. I’m sure it was psychological, simply because I was thinking about food again all day. Focus on food, get hungry. I mean, my normal eating pattern is 3000-3100 calories per day, so I’m not reducing it that much.

At any rate, I’m going to focus on eating enough protein this time around, which, for a 175 lb. male is around 75-80 grams per day. I’ll calculate it for yesterday; so far today I’ve had 4. I’m going to have to really chow down to make my goal today, huh?

Exercise-wise, I ran in the hot hot heat yesterday. I was going to get up and run in the early morning, which is the best time during the summer, all that nice cool air, and little to no traffic, but decided to sleep in instead. I packed a bag of running clothes to take to work, but it was way way too hot at lunchtime. Thought about going to the gym and running on the treadmill… but that wasn’t appealing. Only as a last resort. So I ended up waiting until after sunset and running a short 2 1/4 mile course in my neighborhood. And it was still hot hot hot outside. Bleh.

Haven’t been posting a schedule because I’m not working towards anything. Got some races coming up (and if the guys buy into my suggestions for the road trip, I’ll have some very grueling races coming up! See yesterday’s post) but I’m just running for fun and fitness right now.

Barefootin’ it

Haven’t posted in a while. Although… I’ve written two posts, and they’re in the queue to be posted, I just… haven’t actually posted them. Not yet. It was good to have written them, I’m simply not ready to share them with the world just yet. Patience.

Normally I’d break different subjects up into separate posts but not today.

OK, in a recent issue of Runner’s World I read an article weighing the pros and cons of running barefoot. Then, while looking for something else, I stumbled across a website devoted to the subject — unfortunately, I can’t link to it this morning because for some reason the page is missing today.

After thinking about it for a while, I think I’m going to try to work in at least a mile or two of barefoot running each week. For one thing, it sounds fun. For another, there’s a visceral feel to it that appeals to me; the people who write about it talk semi-mystically about being connected to the earth and your body in a way that running clothed (shod?) just doesn’t do. There’s also a (probably really minor) safety issue, but, honestly, is nature that much safer? There’s sharp rocks and twigs and cooled lava… granite slabs have less give than any asphalt or concrete surface.

I’m planning on running a Tillamook trail run in a couple of weeks; that might be a good one to try barefoot, huh?

Updated Trophy Page

I updated my Trophy Page with my results from the Run Hit Wonder 10K.

I’m glad I finished and vow to do better in my next 10K. I trained so hard to try to increase my speed, and try to get around (or under) a 9:00 pace for the whole 6.2 miles, but it didn’t happen. It’s OK — it’s good to have goals.

I haven’t posted a running schedule this week because I’m taking it easy. Still trying to figure out what my next event will be. There’s a “trail” run on the beach in Tillamook Oregon that looks fun; a 5K and a 10K (the 5K trail is out to the end of the penninsula and back; for the 10K you just go out and back twice!). That’s at the end of August, and it’s an excuse to go to the beach…

Everything’s better at the beach…

Nike Run Hit Wonder 10K

So, what was I busy doing?

How can you ask that? I ran the Nike Run Hit Wonder 10K today! You never pay attention, do you? I’ve only been talking about this for freakin’ weeks now!

I think I did pretty good. (Yeah, I’m calmed down now. Don’t know what got into me. (Was it funny for you? It was for me!))

Funniest thing was spotting someone in the crowd I knew. I mean, it wasn’t like we were looking for each other. There were over 10,000 people there. Probably way more, since there were 10,000 runners plus all the support staff and security guards and friends and families… so the odds of spotting someone at any particular instant started at 1 in 10,000. OK, probably less than that; human faces are instantly recognizable and the brain is very good at pattern-matching, and even in a dense crowd there’s probably 10-20 people in someone’s direct view. But, what would you calculate the odds of spotting someone in the crowd, immediately after another friend asked me if that person was racing that day? Huh? Huh? That’s one of those weird coincidences that just jump out at you.

Me, being a materialist and not a believer in coincidences that mean something, I just shrug it off. But man it freaks people out when I tell them.

Jake (turning to face me in the crowd): Is Deb here?
Me (knowing that she was planning on running this race): Yeah. (pause) And there she is!

My chip time was over 2 minutes less than my gun time; that’s how long it took me to cross the actual start line after the race officially started. Wow, there was a lot of people. I wore a stopwatch, and started it when I crossed the start line, and paid attention to my splits for each mile, carefully judging my pace and all that… kept up with it, until mile 5 (around 48 minutes at that point)… then died on the last long hill up Columbia away from the river, and when I turned onto Broadway, it was sweet and all downhill, and I was flying, and I had a clear shot at the finish line, didn’t have to worry about blocking anyone else or having to slow down, and then I was through, and I’d finished my first ever official 10K race!

I was so excited I forgot to a) check the race clock for my time, and b) stop my stopwatch. Bummer. I’ll have to wait for the official results to be posted.

It was a fun race, though. My friend, being much faster than me, got to hear each of the acts playing their actual one hit. Apparently they started their sets with their most famous song. Me, lagging behind, got to hear them play, but didn’t recognize the songs.

For instance, who is General Public? What was their hit song? I’ll google it after posting this, but, for the life of me, I can’t recall.

Seeing Devo was great, and I was a little disappointed that the audience started leaving after they played “Whip It!” The younger friends in my group were impressed that I knew the words to some of Devo’s other songs, like “Freedom of Choice”. OK, just that one, but still.

I’m going to run that race every year. A fun, fun, race. Nike put on a great event (no surprises there) and the proceeds benefited Portland Parks and Recreation. Nifty!

Early run

Ran this morning. Got up early. Haven’t done that in a while. Ran the Three Parks Run, around 3.3 miles, in 33:22.66 — dog-slow, a 10:00 pace or close enough. But that’s what I plan on doing for the first 3-4 miles of the race on Sunday.

I wanted to record the route and it’s different legs and lengths here:

Three Parks Run

  • Start: SE 13th and SE Linn
  • 1st Leg (Start to head of Springwater Corridor Trail @ SE Umatilla) – .67 miles
  • 2nd Leg (Head of Springwater Corridor Trail to SE Bybee & SE 18th) – 1.24 miles
  • 3rd Leg (SE Bybee & SE 18th to SE Marion & SE 19th) – 1.39 miles
  • End: SE Marion & SE 19th – total distance = 3.3 miles

4 mile run, easy pace

I had no InterWeb last night, so I couldn’t a) check my training schedule, and b) post about my run last night.

I decided to run 4 miles, and to practice going at an easy pace. I succeeded, averaging a 9:31.6 pace (4 miles in 38:06.47). About perfect. I will aim for that same pace in the first 4 miles of the 10K on Sunday, and then aim for a faster pace for the remaining 2 miles. If I have the energy to average an 8 minute pace for the final section, I will average under a 9:00 pace for the entire race, which is my goal.

Goals are good.