Weekend Community Post

A thread for the weekend with comments turned on! Tell me your favorite karaoke song, or just say hi!

We made it to the weekend! Actually I’ve been weekending for (checks the clock) 19+ hours already. I hope you, Dear Readers, have been getting some relaxation in.

Today I’m still thinking about that guy at karaoke last night who absolutely killed it on the falsetto in his rendition of Beck’s Debra. Man, I wish I could sing falsetto. I did have fun with my karaoke standard, Ball and Chain by Social D., though.

Many people have a three day weekend here in the US of A because this coming Monday is Veteran’s Day. Many people, including nearly all of the people I support in my day job. I, however, do not have Monday off, because I’m a contractor and Veteran’s Day is not one of our holidays. I will be going into an empty office on Monday. Probably get a lot of server maintenance done.

BUT UNTIL THEN I have a lot of time to work on my NaNovel and get some other stuff done, like grocery shopping and getting my cosplay together for next month’s Star Wars Episode 9 premiere party.

If you’re here, thank you! Drop me a note down below. Tell me your favorite karaoke song! Tell me what you’re doing to relax for the weekend! Or just say “hello how are you?”