My Week In Freelance Writing

Inspired by Nicole Dieker’s weekly reports.

For the week ending 3/27/2016:

  • Articles: 2
  • Total words: 1,496
  • Total hours (research/writing): 3.5
  • Dollars earned: $20.94
  • Dollars in my bank: $60.69

My secondary day job really needed me this week. I was scheduled for 36.5 hours there, and if you add in all the commute time (40+ minutes each way via train), I wasn’t able to find the time for my primary day job, or, as seen above, any writing.

I’ve been able to tell my secondary day job that I’m not available to work that many hours there, by adjusting my availability, but that won’t kick in for another week or two. They pay me the least, so an hour working there costs me time working on things I either love (writing), or time working at a higher rate of pay (my primary day job). But I still like having a fallback, a plan B, so I don’t want to give up that job just yet.

The money that actually hit my bank account this week is money I earned last week, but wasn’t available until after the work was accepted and transferred out on the weekly payday, which is every Thursday. I still have time this week to write some articles and get a nice payday next week, and I’m only scheduled for 22 hours at Day Job #2, and might not get many hours at Day Job #1, so hopefully I’ll get some time to write, too.

The experiment continues.