Zak Smith Sabbath’s Victory Speech Upon Not Winning an Ennie

Zak Smith has things to say to people who want to create things other people enjoy, and it boils down to a couple of simple formulas:

Kevin Crawford lays out a second model here and I don’t think I’d get any disagreement from Kevin when I say his model is:

-Make things for a broad audience
-Make a lot of things
-Work hard year round
-Don’t worry about being inspired, just work

Kevin is an honorable man who knows what he’s about. What I am saying here is that Red & Pleasant Land proves a totally different and third model is also viable in 2015:

-Ignore what the audience wants
-Put all your effort into that one thing
-Work hard for a few months
-Keep your team small
-Put out a thing that is exactly and only the thing you are inspired to work on

Yup. I’ve seen it work for others, too.