Podcast I Love: Robot or Not

In the last couple of years, I’ve discovered podcasts. I have found that I like listening to them when I work around the house, or go for a walk, so generally, the longer, the better. This is a delightful exception. I think I have a bit of a crush on John Siracusa, one of the hosts of the juggernaut Accidental Tech Podcast, who seems grumpy and exacting (probably because he is, I suspect), but has revealed himself over time to be a person of great virtue, filled with compassion for people.

But that’s on other shows.¬†On this show, host Jason Snell (of The Incomparable) asks Mr. Siracusa to determine if some object or fictional character is a robot, or not. To date they’ve weighed in on Roombas (yes), car factory robots (no), Mr. Roboto (no, both as a song (don’t ask) and the fictional character in the song), and others.

It may not work for anyone else, but the silly, simple premise and the short per-episode length make me smile every time I see a new episode appear in my feed, while I’m listening, and for several minutes afterward. Delightful, and probably a gateway drug to their other podcasts.