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Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve made it to the 2 week mark, 14 stories in 14 days, and I don’t plan on stopping. In fact, just as I’d hoped, forcing myself to write something daily has helped me unlock my creativity and I’ve got story ideas coming out of my ears.

If you enjoy what I’ve been doing here, there’s a lot of ways you can help out, as a matter of fact. Just visiting here helps, of course! And I’m happy you’re reading my words. In addition, in increasing levels of encouragement and assistance, you could:

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  • This might seem like an odd thing, but you can refer me, or even hire me! I’m freelancing, and that means I am always looking for topics for stories, and clients who need things written. Drop me a line by clicking the “Leave me feedback” button or clicking this link. I would love to hear from you!
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Regardless, thank you very much for visiting my site, and I hope you stick around! I’ve got far more stories to tell!

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