Poke around

I’m leaving this post stickied until the end of the day Friday 27 June. Scroll down for new content.

If you notice broken links, or missing images, or anything wonky, comment below or use the Contact page or otherwise let me know.

I can’t decide if I should clear out all the old posts and repost the ones that are good, or leave all the old content here for people to discover. If you have an opinion either way, share it. I worry about appearing “unprofessional” (whatever that means). On the other hand, it’s fun to go back and see how I’ve changed. For instance, I’d never use a phrase like “stupid boy project” these days because projects aren’t gender-specific.

I know I’ll be changing the format around. I want a sidebar on the left side, and I will be adding search and favorited posts and whatnot. Be prepared for changes.