Rewards of blogging

Yesterday was Friday, and Fridays on Twitter are for Follow Friday. And I got a shout out from t.a. barnhart, that also mentioned film critic Roger Ebert. I’m sure t.a. only did that to save space and wasn’t comparing me to Mr. Ebert, but secretly I’m going to pretend that’s exactly why he did that. Well, secretly, and here on my blog.

And then @sjkpdx re-tweeted t.a.’s post, doubling my pride.

Finally, I woke up this morning to find that Athena, of The Bliss Quest, a writer whose posts about herself and her goals and dreams are an inspiration I use in living my life transparently and honestly (and guest-blogger here), tweeted something to me that made me feel very good:

@lunarobverse I’m goin’ running shoe shopping tomorrow!Your Shamrock run and posts have got me inspired!

It was a very good day for me. I’m happy to be a small part of the community online, and am humbled by the people I interact with. I just never know when something I write will reach someone unexpected. I honestly just write for myself, about the things I like and care about and do; I’ve said that I don’t care if millions read what I say, and I am sincere. It’s nice, though, to learn from time to time that others do, in fact, read what I put up here.

Thanks to everyone and anyone who reads this.

Also? Yesterday was the third anniversary of my joining Twitter. What a great present on my Twitterversary!