Shamrock Run 5K 2010

I’m in running clothes waiting for Kevin to show up.

It’s 36° F according to my weather widget.

I can hear a train outside.

I’ve had a slice of toast with peanut butter and jelly on it, and one and a half cups of coffee.

I went to bed last night around 9:00p – 9:30p, although last night we turned our clocks back an hour, so getting up at 5:30a is almost exactly like getting up at 4:30a. Not to mention the fact that I had very restless sleep.

I’m wearing my running pants, new(-ish, I’ve run in them a few times already) Brooks Adrenalines, long-sleeved (green, for St. Patrick’s Day) tech shirt, and my white Shamrock Run commemorative t-shirt over it. Oh, and a black stocking cap.

I’ve got my timing chip strapped to my left ankle and my iPhone strapped to my left bicep – oh, crap, am I going to be unbalanced?

My worst time in this race was my first year, 2006: 35:07, an 11:19 pace. But that was before they started using timing chips.

My best chip time was last year, 2009: 31:21, a 10:06 pace (my gun time was 34:00). I’d like to do better this year, and it’s within my reach.

I’ll report back later on my time and experiences.