Sometimes I forget

Me, yesterday, talking to a friend1 about President Obama’s debate with the Republican House Caucus at the Republican’s retreat on Friday: “Here’s how you can tell President Obama was doing well – Fox ‘News’ cut away from his debate, cut him off in mid-sentence, even, so they could then ‘analyze’ what was going on, live! MSNBC and CNN carried the whole thing, uninterrupted.”

Terry gave me an odd look. I know my friend isn’t into politics as I am, but my sense is that he’s generally an Obama supporter, so I worried if I had offended him somehow. “So… wow… what you’re saying, then, is that… Fox is a Republican network?”

My turn to be surprised. I thought this was common knowledge. Apparently not. “Yes. Oh, my, yes. I could give you lots and lots of evidence of that! Fox News is a partisan network and only gives the Republican side of things, consistently.”

Terry said, “So that’s why you watch MSNBC or CNN; they’re not as conservative?”

“Well,” I said, “all corporations are conservative and pro-business. You’ll remember that I don’t get broadcast or cable TV; that’s not where I get my news. But I’m pretty informed.” I smiled.

“Yes you are!” Terry agreed.

I do not judge Terry for not knowing this. He’s got other things to thing about; his family, his job, his friends and entertainments.

But it’s important for me to remember that not everyone knows the things I take for granted. Republicans can obstruct laws with a minority as small as 40 Senators, for example. The Supreme Court is narrowly conservative and has been issuing many 5-4 decisions that may be disastrous for our democracy. And, of course, Fox ‘News’ is anything but fair and balanced.

How much louder do the Democratic leadership need to shout the message until folks like Terry get the message: Fox ‘News’ is not a news outlet one can trust?

And if Terry is reading this, here’s the video of President Obama at the Republican retreat:

1 Hi, Terry!