Brilliant idea

Of course, my friend Ken saw Michael Moore’s movie with me, and apparently he’s been thinking about the movie, too, because no sooner had I hit publish on my previous post than did this video show up in an email from Ken.

And it’s on topic with at least one of the at least two things I took from Moore’s documentary, which is, “Just how fuckin’ rich is the Catholic Church?”

Not to mention all the non-catholic churches, your Southern Baptists and your Anglican and your Greek Orthodox and your Episcopalian and your Mormons, and even the non-Christian ones like your Muslims and your Buddhists and your Vikings and so on, and so on, and so on. Though I don’t know for sure if the non-Christian ones had their founders specifically telling their followers to give all their money to the poor. But I’m far too lazy a blogger to go look that up right now.