Science Friday – BOMB THE MOON

How could I have the last name of “Moon” and blog at Lunar Obverse and let the NASA LCROSS mission pass without comment? I would not be much of a blogger at all. Perhaps even less of a blogger than I am now.

We threw a bomb at the moon! There’s science behind it, I know, but I secretly suspect we did it just because we could. Does no one else think that the Mythbusters weren’t behind this, even maybe a little bit?

Here’s the video:

To all the nay-sayers who said “nay” and worried about shards of molten moon material raining down on us like cold death: you are woefully uninformed and I will find it very difficult not assuming you have difficulty with simple math and finding your ass with both hands.

Yes, I am smug. For a reason. The mass of the Moon is 7.36 x 1016 kilotons. The bomb was 1.4 kilotons. It’s not going to make that much of a difference. Things the size of the bomb we used impact the Moon all the freakin’ time. See those craters? That’s why they’re there, people.

Anyway, yay, science!