Letters to President Obama

It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one sending letters to President Obama.

And it’s nice to know that he reads some of them.

And it’s nice to know that he responds to some of them.

I wonder if the detainees in Gitmo and Bagram write him letters?

Or the insurance industry executives;do they have to write him letters? Do they send checks? Or can they just visit him in the White House?

…sorry, is that overly cynical of me? I voted for him, I supported him with energy and money during the campaign and in the early days of his presidency, and I still believe that in some ways he’s far superior to #43, and represents some of my concerns far better than Sen. McCain would have (not that either of those is a very high bar to surpass, mind you)…

…but there are still some serious concerns that President Obama has utterly failed at in defending the country and the Constitution; particularly in his approach to our two wars, our continued detention of prisoners captured in the “War on Terror”, the investigation of the obvious crimes of the previous administration, and the illegal gathering of surveillance of Americans, to name just a few. I’ve documented my concerns to the best of my meager ability. I just wonder if President Obama has read my letters/emails, or others like them. What would he say?

Maybe I’ll find out some day.