Previously, on LOST

I’ve decided to fill the gaping hole in my life that is the lack of new LOST episodes (“new season begins early 2010” *grumble*) by borrowing the previous seasons and re-watching it all, in order.

There have been 99 aired episodes to date (some of those are two-hour episodes and may be counted as separate, depending on the sources; for my purposes I’m counting by episode, not hour). There are about 30 weeks between now and early February.

That means, if I watch 3.3 episodes a week, I should time it right to finish the last episode of Season 5, “The Incident”, in time to start watching the final season. If the starting date for Season 6 slips, I can adjust later.

I think I can do this! It’ll be fun to see if I can pick up any arcs or themes that I’ve missed previously by simply watching as they air.

I may or may not blog about this. I like to leave my options open. I’ll tag this post, though, for future reference.

So far I’ve watched the pilot episode and haven’t really noticed anything that I didn’t remember noticing before. Jack’s still obsessed, Kate still seems crazy & hot, Sayid still kicks ass, Hurley is still funny. I’d forgotten how annoying Shannon was, though.