End of an era, probably

My main webserver, Eggers, has been operating from my sister’s office for about two years now. It’s been fairly uneventful; a bit of downtime but otherwise not bad for a simple business DSL line and a cheap Mac mini. I’ve been impressed and I’ve learned a lot about running and operating a webserver remotely. Mac OS X is very capable in that area, even for a desktop operating system, although I’m sure I’m not getting all I could out of it if I had the time and inclination. It gets the job done.

It’s been a good setup, but I think that my days as a web server admin are coming to a close. For business reasons, my sister is moving out of her current office, and I’m pulling Eggers out of there for now. I’m going to actually sell the hardware and move the site over to a web host (feel free to offer suggestions but I’m strongly considering TotalChoice on the recommendation of my fiancée Lindsey) for now.

I feel a bit sad about losing Eggers as my server. But one of the reasons I’m doing this is because I want to pay off my debt and get my money situation in order; once that’s done, one of my dreams is to have my own office somewhere, and put in a real web server, like a fancy Xserve or somethin’, and take the time to learn it well. It’d also be nice to have a quiet office in which to write and dream. Y’know… someday.

I still have plans to re-design my site and add some bells and whistles, and to add some stuff on the backend to make it more commenter-friendly and to report better stats and such. I’ve also started and not completed a task to update all my archives and old links; I want to work on that, too.

But even as I work on old projects, new projects come in. It’s hard to get a handle on things. And, of course, life rolls on, even away from the internets. I guess that’s just the way the modern world works. I’m OK with it; I’m just making note of it here before moving on to something else.

For now, of course, my site lives on and I will continue writing and posting my thoughts here. Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere… For now.