Don’t mind me I’m just being snarky

Here’s how out of it I am; I had no idea these top three stories on Google News were such a big deal:

  1. Elections in Iran: what the hell? They have elections in Iran? Did President #43 know about this? Or is this something new since Obama took over? Good job, President O! I knew there was something I liked about him.
  2. Analog TV going the way of the dinosaurs: This seems to be a big deal, which may explain why Comcast has felt the need to mail me a flyer every day for the last several months announcing it.
  3. The Holocaust Museum is opening its doors again after the crazy man shot it up: Wonder why all these crazies are running around shooting off their guns? Couldn’t have anything to do with the unfounded rumors that President Obama wants to take away all the guns, does it? Ugh.

What’s the top story to you?