Wish my brain would brain

Lately I haven’t been able to remember any new stories, conversations, or tidbits, about which I could blog.

I mean, there’s things going on in my life and my friends’ lives, but nothing that would be appropriate for posting to the world wide internets.

Things are still going well with Lindsey; this coming Saturday will mark our 12th week together and we’re only just begun.

Lindsey will be meeting my dad and my sister this Saturday, too, since they’re all going to be at the finish line for my first-ever half-marathon.

And that Saturday night, provided I’m not blotto from 13 point something miles of running, I am going to be participating in my third World Naked Bike Ride, something that has become a bit of a tradition for me, since I did it in 2007 and 2008. Lindsey will not be joining me (she’s a bit shy about appearing in public naked) and I don’t think she entirely “gets” why I want to do it – it’s not sexual, at all; it’s just a crazy bit of anti-authoritarianism and euphoria for me – but she understands that I want to do it and is being very supportive.

Joe Donlon, a reporter for KGW here in Portland, appears to be doing the Naked Bike Ride, too, in fact. He may just be doing it for the free pie from Whiffie’s Pie Cart, though. At least, he hinted as much when I challenged him to a race there.

Some of my friends are still having troubles and I’m trying to help them keep their spirits up and suchlike and whatnot. Still tweeting over on Twitter, about 5-6 tweets a day, I think. Maybe I just have short, 140-character stories lately?

And right now I’m very tired and have to go to work. Bleah.