Han Solo, P.I.

Man, I used to love this show!

Every Tuesday night at 8 PM, I’d tune in to see what whacky adventures Solo got into. Remember that episode where the Millenium Falcon broke down on some podunk asteroid, and Solo and Chewie had to go into town to get stuff to fix it, and they ran across Lando Calrissian, who used to own the Falcon only now he’s, like, mayor of this town, and Lando’s all, like, I’m gonna get you, sucka! and Solo was all, like, No way! and then Lando was all, like, I’m gonna turn you in to Vader! and Solo and Chewie were all, like, Uh-uh! No way!

Man, that was a great episode. And there was a murder or somethin’ they had to solve. I think it was Threepio who got shot. Or somethin’.

Yeah. Man, what a great old TV show.