Want to buy some CDs?

Want some new/old music?

Through the magic that is Delicious Library 2, I’ve scanned a bunch of my CDs, and exported them as a web page. I love magic.

Rather than post a giant list here, I’ve put the page on the interwebs.

Most of what I have isn’t very rare, though I do have some local/independent artists, and some Radiohead imports.

If there’s a bullet in the first column, I’m asking $7 each.

If there’s no bullet in the first column, I’m asking $4 each.

If you want to buy a bunch, say, 10 or more… I’ll consider your offer.

If you think my price is too high, make an offer and give me the info I need. I have to admit that I haven’t researched every single one of these gems to be sure they’re worth selling. I’m half-assing it. Sue me. Or rant and complain and call me names. That might be entertaining for everyone!

Whatever doesn’t sell in the next couple of days is going to end up on Amazon Marketplace, per anomar’s suggestion. Thanks, anomar!

I have another hundred or so CDs that weren’t recognized by Delicious Library for various reasons (shitty compilation, bar code is damaged, or promotional copy). Still have to manually enter all those.