A night in

I had not seen her all week, though we had been in touch via instant messaging, texting, and email. She had been busy, I had been busy. It happens, and it is a normal thing with two people dating.

And so we planned a simple night of watching videos on my giant TV1, a simple cheap night together.

And I missed her.

Then I started to get a cold sore.

I know it’s irrational, but even though the majority of the population has the virus and gets outbreaks from time to time, when I get an outbreak… I feel bad. Like I’ve been marked out. Dirty. I know, I know! It’s inaccurate, but I feel it all the same.

I warned her before she came over, and she teased me a bit for taking it so seriously, and she reassured me that she still loved me no matter what.

And then she showed up on my doorstep with flowers.

She brought me flowers. She. Brought me… flowers.

We did not kiss all night, but we did not lack for showing each other simple affection. Holding hands, looks, words, the act of spending time together. It was wonderful.

No one has ever brought me flowers before.

1 My 32″ Sony non-HD CRT TV seems so much larger than her 15″ non-HD CRT TV. We both love tech, but so far it hasn’t extended to our television sets. Ask us about our laptops or smart phones, though…