Three day weekend is gone. Let us not remind each other of the glory that was the Memorial Day weekend, shall we?

That means not telling you about my going to a barbecue in West Linn with Tracy and Gina, spending time with Lindsey, or my running hill repeats in the warm weather, or of Lindsey and I going to Manzana for dinner, or of how the gift certificate we had for Manzana, which could have been $15, $25 or even $40, was in fact only $15, or of Lindsey and I watching the series finale to Battlestar Galactica and starting Season 1 of the series Mad Men.

Yes, I shall tell you none of that.

Instead I’ll just tell you of the delicious apple fritter I had for breakfast, and of the silly goings-on at work, and how I’m wearing shorts today because it’s supposed to be warm.

You’ll wonder why I’m having left-over baby back ribs for lunch, because, see, I didn’t tell you I went to Manzana for dinner last night! See? See how clever I am? I’m crafting mysteries here for you to ponder.

How was your weekend?