My email to President Obama (a series)

Since the president acknowledged in his town hall meeting in New Mexico on 5/14/2009 that single-payer is the insurance option that makes the most sense (takes advantage of economies of scale that only the government can provide; ensures that health care is available to everyone, not just those with jobs), why not, y’know, just push for a single-payer medical insurance system?

I may be one of those “little single-payer” advocates the president so breezily dismissed, and I may not be able to buy and sell politicians like the insurance industry that comprises a giant one-sixth of our economy, but I am someone who supported Barack Obama in his campaign for the presidency on the basis of, among other things, the hope that he would in fact ensure that all Americans have access to health care that does not simply further enrich the rich.

But all I have on my side is a voice, a vote, and the support of the majority of Americans and the backing of the political party that controls both houses of Congress, in name at least if not in actions. I don’t have the billions of dollars that the insurance industry that represents one-sixth of America’s economy has. Which one is more important, I wonder rhetorically?