This is my no-post this morning

Last night I spent with my girlfriend, and later this morning, at work, I’ve got an all-day training, and it’s not even a training in something fun, it’s a training called “Getting the work done as individuals and teams” (how fun does that sound? Not very! Am I right?) so I don’t have a new post for y’all this morning.

I’ll try to find something funny from this all-day training to share later. Or, y’know, something. Be patient.

Thanks for reading me. While I’m stuck in this all-day training, why don’t you talk amongst yourselves?

I’ll give you a topic: Obama’s first 100 days. What do you think? Good? Bad? A mix of good and bad? Don’t care?

My take in 50 words or less: I wish he’d move faster on getting us out of Iraq, I like his picks for Secretary of Labor and Health, and the Attorney General and other Justice appointees, he’s giving all our money away to Big Finance and I wish he’d stop, and he’s just as bad as Bush on “national security” (surveillance and torture and executive power) issues but I think we can push him via direct activism and through Congress, particularly the House which is the more progressive body. I’m certainly not going to stop pushing on those issues.

…or pick a topic of your own. Just play nice. I’ll respond when I get back; if for some reason I get a ton of comments here, I’ll probably just have one long reply.